hanya kepada ALLAH, tiada Tuhan selain dia :)

marilah kita hidup hari ini tanpa kesedihan, tanpa keresahan, tanpa kemarahan, tanpa kedengkian dan tanpa kebencian .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For ME
For ME too....
I have a yearning heart
What do you want from me 2x

It is such a distance
It is such a distance love
A heart that will never give up for you

Stay right here
B'coz I will come back to FIND your smile
The tear that gave you pain
I'll catch them all here

The love that is so clear
I'll make a road which WE will never forget
I'll definitely FIND our love again

Even if I don't have you here
Will I able to be just FINE
Even when I'm dream
It was always TWO of us

The time I spent with YOU
The time which I spent with you
A silly heart which can never give up on YOU......

1 comment:

  1. i love thiz song.hahaha.love.love.love.
    pyhco of fa'ad.haha.