hanya kepada ALLAH, tiada Tuhan selain dia :)

marilah kita hidup hari ini tanpa kesedihan, tanpa keresahan, tanpa kemarahan, tanpa kedengkian dan tanpa kebencian .

Saturday, September 24, 2011

i strongly love them !

whatever it is just face the thing that will happen .

make the experiences as our best teacher .

without experience we are nothing .

through experiences we learn something .

anyway we must face the things that we had done .

my experience about the best thing in the world ; FRIENDSHIP

without my friends , i can feel the emptiness in my heart *its sound annoying

but its true .

most of my time with my beloved friends .

different friends . different experiences .

up & down we face together .

everyone try plays their good role .

but nobody perfects right ?

i realised . i make mistakes .

i just forgot no hatred in friendship .

i dont know why ?

sometimes i felt that im very cruel .

i stay away from them . avoid them .

im alone then . felt some regret inside .


dont they realised that i love them as much as i love myself .

do they love me as much as i love them ?

im admit that ego inside me .

because of that i lost my beloved friends .

i shame to say sorry and thank you .

i never admit my fault .

i not appreciate them .

i let them behind when i met new friends .

when they cry in front of me .

i just let them crying more & more .

im not showing any response . not crying nor smile .

just shut my mouth .

but bottom of my heart im crying like hell .

the experiences teach me the meaning of friendship .

now i realised that our friendship is the moment in my life .

deeply & strongly i miss my friends

but life must go on .

i will let them always in my memory .

forever .

they are my true friend .


dedicate to my beloved ; kuyen , wanie , waed , tasya , tikhus , faad , oo , kiera , zerr .

p/s : im loser .

lots of love ,


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